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About Us

       The Guttman Law Group LLP, a premium law firm located in Melville, New York, is a "boutique" law firm emphasizing and specializing in the quality practice of matrimonial and family law since 1990.  We focus on our clients' needs when it comes to divorce and family matters.  The Guttman Law Group LLP is a full service law firm - from beginning to end - including simple uncontested divorces and complicated matters regarding litigation and appeals.  We do not have the expensive overhead of a large law firm and we can pass on the savings on to our clients.  We are proud to say that other lawyers and our many previous clients recommend us to the important people in their lives who require expertise in the matrimonial and family law field. 


The Guttman Law Firm Suffolk Divorce Attorney

Skilled and Trusted Representation

       Putting the needs of our clients and their children first, we know that you depend on us to protect your rights by giving sound legal advice.  Whether you need help crafting a pre-nuptial agreement that will stand the test of time, need to defend yourself in Family Court or District Court in relation to an Order of Protection or have any other issues, i.e. child custody, child support, visitation, modification of prior agreements or orders, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to create a plan of action.  Emergencies are handled with expedient attention as our clients can reach us 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.   

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